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Nariah says… #3

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

“Happy birthday Nariah!”, proclaims Uncle Reggie upon his arrival after his 45 minute trek around the beltway to celebrate Nariah’s birthday with dinner at the restaurant of her choice, Noodle & Co.  Over the course of dinner, several funny things came out of this child’s mouth, with three of them standing out the most.

Thing 1 : “You can sit where ever you want birthday girl!”
“Ok, follow me”, and she proceeds allllllllllllllllll the way to the back of the restaurant, so far, we’re even past the bathrooms, one table past the bathroom door.  Its about 8:20 pm so you can imagine the place is pretty scarce of patrons.  As we begin to eat Nariah tells us “Its a good thing those bathrooms are right there, because I have to go and its not too far!!!!  Aren’t you glad I picked these seats?”

Thing 2 : Uncle Reggie is around Toya and myself in age.  We have another mutual friend, Uncle CJ, who also is around us in age as well (tidbit just for story purpose, CJ doesn’t have any kids).  Uncle CJ has some greyness in his beard recently acquired.  Nariah likes telling Uncle Reggie about Uncle CJ and in this story she tells Uncle Reggie : “Uncle CJ has grey in his beard… I know why he has grey in his beard.  He has grey in his beard because he’s almost going to be a grandpa!”

Thing 3 : We finish our meal and everyone has their coats on heading for the front door.  Like most people sponsoring a birthday meal, Uncle Reggie asks Nariah, “how was your dinner?”
Now this is a new word for me, and if you’re like me and have never heard this word before, imagine a 4 year old saying it, and then start dancing, elbows to the side, twisting at the hips and shaking her booty with this huge grin on her face.
I lean over to my wife… “Did she just say SCRUMLICIOUS  as in scrumptious and delicious?”
After Toya stops laughing, “Ummm, I believe so”
“Nariah, how did you say your meal was again?”
“I saiiiiiiiid, it was SCRUMLICIOUS daddy!”   insert repeat of scrumlicious dance move here —->

Nariah says… #2

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

While I’m off at a superbowl party, the girls are at home painting nails and watching the game, (before you get all bent out of shape, the party was about 45 mins away, and its a school night, lol). The halftime show starts and Nariah sees that the Black Eyed Peas are performing.

“Mommy, the Black Eyed Peas better make sure they don’t say any bad words!”

Sounds like Nariah is tougher than the FCC.  The halftime show continues, and throughout their melody Nariah is waiting patiently for them to play her favorite song.  Nariah asks Mommy a couple of times if “The Time of My Life” coming up next.  After a while, Toya notices Nariah close her eyes and chant :

“Dear God, please let the Black Eyed Peas play ‘The Time of My Life’, thank you. Amen”

Prayer works!