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Nariah says… #7

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Nariah is having somewhat a restless night.  She keeps gettin out of her bed, running to find us with some excuse or another, most really just to “see” us as she goes back to her room without really much of a struggle.  One visit really stands out from the others.  Keep in mind, she still is still in an almost sleepy state.  She runs in our bedroom to mommy.
Mommy, my cheeks hurt
And off she goes running back to her room.

Her cheeks hurt?  What in the world?  So Toya follows Nariah back to her room to check on her. “Why do your cheeks hurt?
I don’t know, maybe because they are already asleep?
Well you need to help the rest of your body get to sleep too boo

I’m still stuck at the “my cheeks hurt” part. (more…)