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Nariah says… #10

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Daddy’s Home!
The excitement in Nariah’s voice is awesome as I come home from playing basketball to find her and Toya just finishing up dinner. They are having typical after dinner “girl talk”. Honestly, I expected to hear the usual “Whew.. funky daddy, get that funk away from us” type lingo, but this time, it was different.
Mommy, can you pack a bag of sugar in my lunch tomorrow?
A bag of sugar?  What in the world do you need sugar for?
For my strawberries, lately they haven’t been very sweet so I need to put some sugar on them!

I can see her now, sitting in daycare pulling out a bag of sugar at lunch, getting all the kids on a sugar high, and returning home with a note from the director for me to read.