Nariah says… #11

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Nariah

I tried to call you, we’re going to have to cancel today, someone just threw up in the pool“. This is how we’re greeted for today’s swimming lessons. Talk about seeing a child’s face crushed. What’s a superdad to do? Mickey D’s! I load her up into the car and tell her the good news.
Nariah, how about we go to McDonald’s for dinner and play in the play area?
Yeah!!!  I love you daddy! You’re the best daddy ever!
I’m the best daddy ever? As in ever ever?
Yep… the best daddy ever!
Well, you might have to work on when you get upset though
When I get upset? What do you mean?
Sometimes you get upset at the TV when your teams aren’t doing good, you need to know that its ok sometimes, and sometimes the other teams will win and you shouldn’t get upset
…..uhhhh….ummmm….I….guess you’re right baby
Then you’ll be the best daddy ever!!!

I’m getting schooled by my 4 year old. And… she had the nerve to eat 3 BIG bites of my chipotle angus bacon burger when she had chicken nuggets she begged for. That was a good burger too!

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