Nariah says… #12

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

I’m starting to wonder if all kids are as “dramatic” as my child. I think its one thing to want a bandaid for every boo-boo and that the bandaid gives you security but goodness, this child is something else!

On our way to swimming lessons Nariah wants to run ahead along the sidewalk. You ever see those falls in an olympic race where they show it in slow motion (sound slowed too)? That’s what she did. The slow stumble that led to the step..step.. (is she gonna catch herself?).. step.. “Nariah slow down.. stop!!!!“.. step.. “Nooooooo!“.. tumble.. fall.. slide.. silence.

After recovering from shock of what happened and looking around to figure out what actually was hurting, “Daaaaaaaaaaaddy!!!!!!“. After catching up with her and consoling her, I take her inside to get dressed for swimming. Let’s see what we’re working with.

Analysis… Typical scrape on the knee, just a little bit of blood, nothing serious.  The promise of a bandaid when we get home does the job after cleaning the scrape off. At home after her bath, she tells Toya, “Can I get my bandaid now? I really need it. And I think I’ll need a wheelchair too“.

Really Nariah?  LOL

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