Archive for March 4, 2011

It’s Friday. I don’t know if all kids are this happy when you pick them up from daycare but mine sure is. When we get to the door to go outside she turns to me and says with a smile “Shake your little bacon daddy!
Shake my what?
Shake your little bacon!
Bacon? What’s my bacon?
Nariah points to her “bottom”, and proceeds to sign “shake your little bacon” and shakes her booty with the biggest cheesy grin on her face. All this is in front of the daycare mind you. Soooooooo, I proceed to shake my little bacon with her so she’s not by herself. I can now say I’ve added “shaking my bacon” to my┬árepertoire.

It’s funny to see other parents look at me with the “OMG what in the world?” type expressions. But seriously, after seeing me show up to the school dressed as DJ Lance Rock can you really be surprised? Who wouldn’t want to shake their little bacon with their child on Friday evening? The weekend’s here, everyone should want to shake their little bacon!