Nariah says… #14

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

This one’s a quickie. Toya and I were sitting around talking to Nariah about her baby brother’s entrance into the world and what changes are coming and things she can do to help out. She’s perfectly fine with sharing some or her toys, “some of them” she reiterates and even wants to get a bunk bed to share her room. She actually wants a bunk as in right now and thinks why does the baby need a crib when he can sleep on the bottom bunk? So the big question comes…

So Nariah, you going to help change your brother’s diaper?
Ha ha, did you hear mommy?  Are you going to help with the diapers?
Ummm no
Why not?
I don’t want the poop to touch me! I just can’t touch the poop!
Well, I guess that’s a valid reason then.
Well, if you get me some gloves, maybe they would protect me from the poop? Then I could help!

At least she’s thinking this thing out!

  1. Shanee' says:

    She’s so logical!


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