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Nariah says… #15

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah


Picking up Nariah from preschool always has a potential for comedy and today was of no exception.
What did you learn today baby?
We learned about health and the letter of the week is ‘F’
Like father? And funny? And fish?
Yeah daddy, ooh I know, we can rap about the letter ‘F’! You go first!
So we get to the car and I crank on some music and say a couple of rhymes about words starting with the letter ‘F’ and I get ready to “pass the mic” to Nariah. Why is she in the back seat bobbing her head with a mean mug face on? She “grabs the mic” and says… “Fly like a G6… Fly like a G6…
I have no words… LOL

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