Nariah says… #17

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry you have to give your child that “wash-up” in the sink. Well this time we’re running late for a birthday party and I was going to bathe Nariah and do her hair while Toya ironed the clothes. So naturally when you’re standing in a room being wiped down, you’re gonna get cold somewhat.

I’m cold daddy!!  Get my towel!
I know baby, I’m trying to go as fast as I can, we don’t want to get soap all on your towel

What happened next confirmed that I need to have a camera rolling at all times in this house. She kept complaining about being cold and it turned out to be catchy.

Get my towel… Get my towel… Get my towel…
Nariah, you sound like a song
I know daddy! Get my towel… Get my towel… Get my towel…

What really is left to do but give her a beat? So I started beatboxing for her, a beat kind of like a mixture between Usher’s “OMG” (baltimore club version if you haven’t heard, click the hyperlink) with some generic Doug E Fresh sounds thrown in there.  This turns into an all out bath fest with Nariah even switching it up on me.

Get my towel… Get my towel… Get get get my towel… Get get get my towel
Then she slows it down on me with : “Get my tooooooow-wel… Get my toooooow-wel
and “Tow-welllll…… Tow-wellllll….. Tow-wellllll

So we’re now dancing around in the bathroom “getting our towels” and I know this child is still cold because we actually haven’t gotten the towel yet. I’m trying to keep up with her changing the tempo so I can keep the beats flowing and she completely caught me off guard with “Now break it down!
I honestly wasn’t prepared but she led me with “I say towel towel, get my towel… I say towel towel, get my towel…

We finally walk into the bedroom for her towel, she grabs it and finishes her song by yelling out “Willow Smith!!!
I’m definitely going to have to play more Baltimore club music around her and also record a song with her, she’s something else.

And no, this wasn’t a quick wash-up. A bath or shower would’ve definitely been faster, but this was way more entertaining.

  1. Keisha says:

    Hilarious! I would have loved to hear that song. She’s so sharp!


  2. Tamara says:

    Hilarious! One day we’ll be buying her album!


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