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Nariah says… #20

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Every Friday is show-n-share day at daycare. So you’re supposed to bring an item starting with the letter of the week. This week is “R” and Nariah is trying to find something before we head out the house.
What do you think I should take daddy?
Hmmm, how about me? Ryan starts with R
Noooooooooo daddy, I can’t take you! I need a toy!
Well, let’s see what you have… you have this rabbit, and this pet rock. I think you still have that red race car
Oooooh yeah, the red race car! I have to find that”

So after looking around for a while, she comes back sad that she can’t find the red race car. I tell her to keep looking and I’ll help her after I put her lunch by the door.
Oooooh, my Barbie car!!!! We can take this!!
Baby, that’s pink, it doesn’t start with R

She puts her hands on her hips, tilts her head to the side and proclaims wth a big smile; “It does in Spanish. Rosado

Ummmm, yeah… so how do you respond to that? I know she didn’t say it, but I felt a “Duhhhhh daddy” in my head. This is really going to get interesting when she gets older.

I’ve always cooked fried rice several different ways. Lately I’ve tried out Thai fried rice at several different food spots and thought that I should be able to expand upon my fried rice repertoire. So I asked Nariah what kind of meat, fruit and nuts she wanted in her fried rice and she suggested turkey sausage. pineapple, and cashews, I felt we had a winner, especially since we had honey roasted cashews. Should be enough time to have dinner ready before mommy comes home from work. The ingredients will be broken down into “types” based on entry points for you to alter food to your liking. In parenthesis I’ll put the type so you can know to put different meats such as shrimp, bacon, etc… or what type of veggies. Let’s cook shall we?

Basics :
salt, pepper, garlic powder
butter, favorite cooking oil
3 eggs, 4 cups steamed rice, (regular or minute)
soy sauce

First stage : (mostly meats, nuts, and veggies that take longer to cook)
turkey sausage diced, (the kielbasa type)
celery, carrots, onions, mushrooms

Second stage : (veggies that are somewhat precooked, canned, chives (scallions), baby corn, etc…)
sweet corn

Third stage : (mostly fruits,anything that will get soggy when heated)

Lightly oil your wok or large frying pan and pre-heat medium high and dice turkey sausage (or other meats, shrimp, bacon, chicken, etc.)

When heated, add butter to the pan, and quickly stir fry the egg with salt and pepper, remove egg and place to the side in a bowl.

Add a little oil, and cook the meat(s) and mushrooms, stirring constantly.

Add carrots, celery, and onion and stir constantly.

Add honey roasted cashews, stir constantly and season to taste with  salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Remove and set aside to large bowl or pan.

Add a little oil and then add the rice.

Add a few shakes of soy sauce, not too much as you’re using salt already. Stir.

Add corn, and stir.

Add egg, and stir.

Add meats that were put aside earlier and stir. Taste and add more seasoning to your liking.

On the last 3-5 minutes of cooking, add pineapple, and stir.

Serve and let cool, it will be very hot! Experiment with your own ingredients. For me this method ensured the level of crispness I like in my veggies. The whole cooking process should take no longer than 10-15 minutes.