Nariah says… #23

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Its almost time for the first game of the Final Four to come on and Nariah and Toya are watching Go Diego Go. Nariah has expressed interest in this year’s tourney, especially with VCU’s black uniforms, so its not unheard of to see her watch the games and pick a team to root for.
Nariah, the game is getting ready to come on TV, when daddy comes down we’re going to change it and watch the game together ok?
But I don’t want to watch the game, I want to watch Nick Jr. Can’t you guys go upstairs and watch the game?
Why can’t we watch it down here as a family? You’ve watched a few shows on Nick Jr. already
I know, but I want to watch what I wanna watch, and you want to watch what you wanna watch, so you guys can go upstairs and I’ll stay here. It’ll be ok… I’ll come check on you guys.

…insert dumbfounded look on Toya’s face…

You’ll do what?“”I’ll come check on you. Ok? Come here now, give me a hug” and she holds her arms out waiting to give Toya a hug.

Where in the world did we get this child?

  1. Mel says:

    I am laughing out loud….


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