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Nariah says… #27

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Family, Nariah

Spring Break…
Its here and I wake up this morning for work as normal. Nariah is in our bed, I vaguely remember her coming in our room sometime earlier. Toya’s downstairs working from home. I roll over and start to wake Nariah up and then I remember, “Oh yeah, it’s spring break, I guess I should let her sleep in“. I tuck her back in, and start getting ready for work, the whole while grumbling to myself, “Why can’t I have spring break too? hmmph.

Fast forward, I’m funky fresh dressed to impress, ready to party, I mean work. I give Nariah a kiss on her cheek and whisper “Have an awesome spring break day with Mommy, I love you”. She jumps up a little startled and replies in a sleepy but surprisingly coherent fashion, “Good mooooooooorning daddy, have a great day at work!
Why thankyou baby, I will!
I hope nobody does mean things to you today
Awww, I’m sure they won’t boo
Nariah yawns and stretches, “Well if they do, just walk away ok?
Walk away, got it
And don’t forget to tell your teacher, I mean boss ok?
Yes ma’am, you got it!

Man, this child is wonderful! Love it!