Nariah says… #29

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

All children participate in role-play. Nariah is of no exception. Today she wants to be a doctor and 4 of her stuffed animals are patients. Since I’m in the kitchen preparing some collards and kale, I can’t be her next patient, but she wants to give me a check up while i’m cleaning the greens. I agree as long as she can do it while I’m standing at the sink. So far I have a fever because my back is hot according to her. She’s going to fix it but first she needs to look at my eyes and ears.  After using that ear looker thingy (no, I don’t know what its called), she says,
Oh no! Princess Tiana poured juice all inside of your ear!“.
No wonder, I haven’t been able to hear out of my right ear all these years, it was juice! Next, my eye exam, she peers into my eyes with her flashlight.
My… your eyes are warm! Even I don’t know what to do with this!“.
I have warm eyes. LOL.
Next is Toya’s checkup. This turns into a pregnancy checkup as she’s checking the baby for movements and stuff. Nariah seems to be an all inclusive doctor as she fixes people, pets, bugs, stuffed animals, and now, babies in the womb. All of a sudden, Nariah pulls out the syringe and gives Toya  a shot right on the belly.

What was that for? Did you just give the baby a shot?
Yes, this is going to make the baby more interesting…

Make the baby more interesting? Where in the world does she come up with this stuff?

  1. Tamara says:

    LOL! More interesting?! I don’t think you guys make boring babies, especially if G4 is like Nariah!


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