Nariah says… #33

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

My mother and I used to always look for four leaf clovers when I was growing up. Over time we’ve found five, six, and even seven leaf clovers. I found a four leaf clover for Nariah a year or so ago, and wondered if I’d be able to pass on the “skill” from my great grandmother on down to her.

Today she’s outside with one of the kids in the neighborhood, playing in the grass. They are picking dandelions, grass, and everything else, then bringing it to me to “eat”.  Suddenly, Nariah gets excited and brings over to me a clover saying “Here you go daddy! A three leaf clover!
Why thankyou baby, you’re giving this to me to hold until you find a four leaf clover?
Oh, why not? You’re not gonna find me a four leaf clover?
Daddy, (sigh), I just really don’t think there are any four leaf clovers in Germantown

And off she runs to play in the grass again.

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