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Nariah says… #35

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Even when Nariah is serious, she is a trip.

I’m away playing basketball and Toya and Nariah are talking to Nariah’s aunt “TT” on speakerphone. A while into the conversation, the subject of my birthday arriving soon comes up. “Oh yeah that’s right! Ryan’s birthday, I guess I need to find something and send it in the mail. Nariah, what does you daddy like?

Nariah is not really paying attention at this point and Toya repeats the question, “Nariah, TT wants to know what does daddy like?
And without a smile Nariah replies “Umm, daddy likes to read magazines when he poops.

TT : “Huh?

He likes to read magazine when he POOPS

Toya quickly tries to edge Nariah along with a “Umm what else does daddy like Nariah?

He likes movies… He likes to watch movies… He likes to go to the movies… He really likes movies

This actually could’ve been worse, as I have alot of video game magazine which Nariah sees all the artistically different covers and calls them “daddy’s weird magazines”.Can you imagine how “daddy likes to read weird magazines when he poops” would sound coming out of a childs mouth? LOL. The innocence is so hilarious you can’t even get mad at it even if it is embarrassing.

Tried out some salmon, and I’m always looking for a new way to incorporate some flavors.  I’d heard about teriyaki & pineapple on the internet and never really tried it yet. Then one night at a party I was drinking amaretto when there was salmon served… and brain started clickin… Toya came up with the garlic and pepper, and I added the sugar and krazy salt for good measure. A few friends of mine have requested this recipe since having it at a cookout of ours (one in particular has been threatened by his wife that he must get this recipe, LOL).

A nice sized flank of salmon will do. And you will also need a cedar plank, found in most grocery stores near the seafood section or on amazon. Since the summer months are coming up, keep an eye out for to sell the planks, they are much cheaper. (They also have cedar plank wraps which I’ve grilled shimp in and I must say, I endorse).

Soak in your salmon in Disaronno Amaretto overnight. Soak your cedar plank in water also, (that’s what the instructions say, if you want to twist it up like I do, soak it in apple juice instead). Fire up the grill and with a rub down the top side of the cedar plank with a few dabs of olive oil. You don’t want it oily, just enough to make the fish slide a little. Place the salmon on the plank and season with minced garlic, Janes Krazy Salt, pepper, vanilla bean flavored cane sugar. Top the salmon with pineapple rings. Grilled covered until the edges start to turn white and the fish is flaky. It is preferred to grill this indirectly but if you have alot happening on the grill as I did in the photos below, direct grilling is fine.  The olive oil helps the fish slide off the place with out losing precious fish they may stick to the plank. Try it out for a light taste. (Its not as sweet as you guys are wondering)

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