Nariah says… #39

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

It was a long day and we had just returned home at night from our first trip ever to Wegmans grocery store. I let Nariah out of the car and proceed to start unloading the groceries. Nariah stops on the sidewalk and just stares off into space. On my second trip past her, I accidentally pooted and said “Oops! I’m sorry Nariah! Excuse me!


Thinking that she might pass out or something if she stands in my “cloud”, I warn her again. “Nariah… did you hear me?
What daddy?
I just pooted beside you, didn’t you hear me say excuse me?
Daddy, I’m wishing on a star right now, I’m not thinking about anything else. I can’t tell you what I wished for either, or it won’t come true

***Later on***

After finishing up our prayers and getting ready for bed, I begin to walk out of Nariah’s bedroom. I hear a bunch of giggling and snickering. So naturally I turn around and I see the girls trying to play off the laughter by looking serious. After questioning them, Toya finally admits that Nariah had whispered in her ear as I walked out : “The next time daddy poots, we should both run out of the room really fast!
Where did that come from?
You just pooted again daddy!
“I did? Oops, excuse me!

Am I getting that old that I don’t even know when I poot?

I couldn’t help but laugh.

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