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First Field Trip

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Nariah just had her first field trip at day care. She was tickled pink as we approached in the morning and saw the 3 school buses parked in front of day care. They were going to the train station to watch the trains move around the tracks. As I left her, I reminded her that she would probably miss naptime and that she would probably fall asleep on the bus coming back to the school. “No I won’t daddy!” she exclaimed.

***Fast forward to the end of the day***

Daddy Daddy!” I hear as I pick her up from the gym area. “Alice woke me up when I was trying to sleep on the bus daddy!
Oohhh, so you did go to sleep on the bus huh?
Yes….” she replies sheepishly.
Sooo, how was the trip? Did you have fun?The bus ride was awesome! That was my favorite part!
The bus ride? What about the train?
What do you mean boring?” “It was too slow daddy! When we got  on, it was really really slow. It moved like this : Chuga………… *pause*…….. chuga…… *pause*……. chuga
Now I don’t have video to show you what happened as she said this but imagine a 4 year old walking on the sidewalk like a zombie, taking a step every 3 seconds and going “chuga………… chuga…………..chuga……..”
It took me awhile to stop laughing after that one.