Nariah says… #44

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Nariah bought a new Polly Pocket Ice Cream Water Park toy. Its pretty awesome too, even has a working water cannon were you can shoot the “dunking station” and knock whoever is sitting there into the mini pool. So she’s showing “mommy” her new toy and decides to get one of her older polly pocket figures to play with the set. As she takes off the figure’s clothes she gets noticeably upset that she doesn’t have the “bra thingy” on.
Toya offers “Its ok Nariah, just put one of those tank tops on her, and that’ll be fine
No mommy, that’s not waterable!
She’s not going to be able to wear it in the water! She needs a swimsuit like when I go swimming. That’s waterable!

Webster… are you reading this? Please add “Waterable” to the 2012 edition please. I know I’m going to start using it, I mean she came up with a definition on her own and everything, how can you not use it?

  1. Mikki says:

    LOL!!! Too cute!!


  2. shannon says:

    Next time we go snowboarding and somebody is wearing jeans, or any other permeable (sp) material, I’m going to say “Hey! That’s not waterable!”

    Hahahahahaha! Nariah is priceless!


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