Nariah says… #50

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

For the longest time, Nariah has asked me every time I cut my hair to shave my whole face, my eyebrows, and my head… but… leave a dot of hair on the top.


So I’m up late as usual on a Sunday night and I decide to cut my hair a little bit and shape up the beard. I don’t know if its sleep deprivation, or what, but something was very twilightish about the night. I had my hair nice and even on top, and was getting ready to fade the back a little. My mind said “switch clipper guards to the lowest one“, but my body… my body said “just take of the guard“.

So as you can imagine my first pass caused a bald strip on the back of my head. “SHOOT! SHOOT!” I yelled in a loud whisper not wanting to wake up Toya. Now Toya’s story is pretty funny as she heard the double “shoots”, thought something was wrong, but since she only heard 2 shoots, she faded on back to sleep. I guess I needed more “shoots”. Little did she know I was in store for another hour of agony. Looking at myself in defeat, as I’ve never been bald except for when I was inside my mother’s belly, I acknowledged that this was the moment… I had to go all the way.

What is the first thing Nariah says when she sees me in the morning?
Daddy! You shaved your head! Wait… how come you didn’t leave the dot of hair? I like it though!
The dot, she’s worried about the dot. LOL

We walk into daycare later that morning and the director and one of the assistant directors look at me with a shocked look. Understandable and expected. “Wow! So Nariah… did your daddy get a haircut?
I look at her confused.
Nariah, you mean daddy didn’t cut off his hair?
In a “come on guys, work with me” type of attitude and with her head tilted to the side she says : “Noooooooo, he SHAVED his head“.
And she turns and walks on to class like normal. To me however, it looked like her brain was saying “See what I’m working with everyday?”

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