Other people’s kids say… #5

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Comedy, Other people's kids


Yesterday when the twins got home from school they told me about their day. One school conversation stands out. It went something like this:

Jesse starts off with “The teacher asked us what we were going to be when we grow up.”
Oh? What did you tell her?” (I am expecting him to say a Paleontologist).
I told her I was going to be a Marine!
Wow! What did she say about that?
She asked if I was going to keep America safe?
I told her of course!” (In a like duh tone).

At this point I had tears of pride….. So I asked Nikki.
Nikki what did you tell the teacher you were going to be?
I said I will be an ICE CREAM GIRL!
“Really?” (So much for the pride tears) “A girl made out of ice cream?” (I had to think of something to ask).
No mommy! You are silly! I will drive around & sell ice cream to everybody.” “What kinds?
Uuuuuummmmm…….. well I think only the cold kind.

I’m amazed daily how different they are!

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