Nariah says… #52

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

This one is a throwback.

My mom bought me this Mr T voice key ring thingy thing and it has eight MR. T phrases. Well Nariah has taken a fancy to one of them, “Quit yo jibber jabber!“. So if you can imagine a 4 year old walking around the house saying “Quit yo jibber jabber” at random points throughout the day, its pretty funny. Even when it doesn’t fall into the context of the dialogue. Well this new phase took me back to the past a little bit when I re-imagined Nariah using this phrase and it was right on the money for hilarity.

About 2 years ago, I’m picking up Nariah from daycare. We’re one of the last people to leave so we walk out with the director and one of the teachers, Miss Jessica.  Now Miss Jessica is talking to her mom or something about making sure she has a ride home, but I’m not sure because she’s talking in Spanish. Of course to anyone listening to another language when you only know but a few words it all sounds like speedy gonzalez. Nariah is trying to pay attention and has this most perplexing look on her face as any innocent toddler would have. After about 30 seconds, the look of “I can’t take it anymore” overcomes Nariah and she blurts out “What are you TALKING about?!?!?!?“Can you imagine “Quit yo Jibber Jabber!” right there, in the only way that Nariah can say it?

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