Nariah says… #55

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

For those of you who know Nariah, you know that she loves her some B.o.B. music…

A few weeks ago, we went bowling with a group of friends at 300. After bowling, a few of us wanted to go grab something to eat and since it was around 10pm, Toya was going to head on home. Nariah asked quite cleverly if Toya and I could discuss whether or not she could stay with “daddy” and that she would be on her best behavior. So…. after talking the decision was made and Nariah is hanging with daddy at the silver diner.

Over the course of dinner, our good friend Renard mentions this blog and says : “You should gather all of the ‘Nariah says…’ and make a book or something so when Nariah gets older, she can read them“.

I can already READ” booms Nariah in a matter of fact type attitude that garners a bunch of “oooooooooooohs” and laughter from the table at Renard’s expense of course. Then Nariah proceeds to point to her eyes and then at Renard in the “I’ve got my eyes on you” fashion.

Fast forward to this past weekend at a Mayweather fight party. Renard see’s Nariah upstairs,  says “I’ve got my eye on you”  and gives the associated motion.

Nariah covers her face with her hands and in true B.o.B. fashion, she says back to Renard, “But you can’t see past my shades… past my shades, past my shades…

  1. RenzReport says:

    hahahaha…I love it! both accounts were hilarious when they went down! lol


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