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**Chel & Shannon**

So I’m (Ryan) down in Ft Worth staying with Chel and Shannon for the weekend. We’re deciding on what to eat for dinner and the subject of making dessert comes up. Well their daughter Madi gets excited and exclaims “Ooh, I wanna help!
You wanna help? Cool! I think your mom wants to try my strawberry cobbler
Ooooh, I love cobbler!
Ok, its a deal then!
Ummm, instead of strawberry cobbler, can we make peach cobbler?
Hmmm, how about we make two small cobblers? One peach, and one strawberry?
Ok, sounds good to me
Yeah, I like peaches, but I don’t like cooked peaches, so I don’t eat peach cobbler
I don’t like peaches either…
WHAT?!?! Huh?!?! Well why do you want peach cobbler then?
I like the crust!
After laughing hysterically at her I say, “Girl…. we’re making strawberry cobbler!


I’m babysitting a 2 year old girl and we are on our way upstairs. She asks to bring her toys and I tell her she can bring one item from the playroom.
What does she do? She put all her toys in a bag and brings up the bag. “Here’s my one thing!“.  Too much brilliance in that to not allow her to keep the bag.