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A friend of mine took their family down to Hampton’s homecoming. This would be both kid’s (boy 5, and girl 2) first football game. All the excitement of the band, cheerleaders, and overtime victory made for an excellent first time experience.  Well a few days later at home, the daughter is walking around the house kicking her legs out and stretching her arms all around.

Mom : “What are you doing?
Daughter : “I’m stretching…
Mom : “Stretching? Who stretches like that?
Daughter : “I’m stretching like the cheerleaders from the football game. This is what they do!

Big brother seeing all of this chimes in his thoughts : “Nuh uhhhh, this is what those cheerleaders were doing!

Now granted this is a blog… but nothing I can type can convey the imagery I was given. I want you to use your mind, and imagine a 5 year old boy with his face scrunched up, and doing exactly what is being done in this clip below. And when I say doing it, he was getting low!