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Nariah says… #59

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah
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I’m in the kitchen cleaning up after Christmas dinner. Nariah walks up to me all somber and says:

Daddy, I have some sad news to tell you…
Everything ok? what’s wrong Nariah????
*Sigh*…. I just found out….. That Toryn is a redskins fan…


More silence…

And yet… even more silence….

I know daddy, I’m still a cowboys fan though! But Toryn likes the redskins

She turns and walks off and after about 6-8 steps, she busts out laughing. That girl is a trip. Playing jokes on me already!

Nariah says… #58

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah
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Nariah was talking with Toya about her friends at school, one of whom has been mean to her lately.
You know that you don’t have to play with her if she’s mean to you, right Nariah?
Yep, I can always go play with somebody else
That’s right, plenty of other people you can play with that will be nice to you
Nariah puts her hands on her hips, and gets this smirk on her face and replies : “Yep, if she’s mean, then I can tell her, I’m on to the next level!

What in the world? Next level? Where does she get this stuff?

Nariah says… #57

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Comedy, Nariah

Nariah has gotten very adept in her vocalizations of different accents. If you ask her, she will say she can talk “country” and “Australian”. I’ve heard her talk “country” before, and its very hilarious. I had never heard the Australian version before, so I thought it’d seem fit to hear it in front of Toya.

Nariah, show mommy how you can talk ‘country‘”
Nariah says a few phrases in an extremely exaggerated country manner.
After laughing for a bit, “Ok, lets hear your Australian accent
Nariah proceeds to do her best impersonation.

Umm baby? That sounds more British… they are somewhat similar. I think you would want to say things like ‘G’day mate! though
Oh… G’day mate!
Yeah! Now your British, now that sounds pretty good! Did you know mommy lived over there for a year or so?
In England?
Yep! She practically British! ha ha ha
Daddy! No she’s not, she’s Christian!


Me: (while backing out of the driveway) “Did you brush your hair this AM?
8yo: “Nope. I forgot
Me: (pulling back into the driveway because the brush for the car has magically disappeared) “Run into the house and get the brush… (8 yo interrupts me)
8yo: “I’m NOT going into the house. It isn’t that big a deal to brush…. Oh wait! I’m sorry. I think I lost my mind for a second. I’ll be right back with the brush.

Woke up feeling sick today. Woes of having 2 kids in different daycares. 2 different vantage points for the minions of the evil yucky germs to infiltrate our humble abode. Alas, after fighting the front lines for about a week, I succombed and decided to stay home.

Nariah comes running in the room after I’ve ironed her clothes and she’s eaten breakfast. I have gotten back in the bed by now.

I’m so excited to go to mommy’s job today! We’re going to noodle and company for lunch! Why are you still in the bed daddy?
*cough cough*… I not feeling too well
Daddy, you’re don’t feel well? You’re not going to work today?
I don’t think so boo, I have a bad headache and this cough just won’t go away…
Oh… Well…. I’ll be right back…..

And she runs off. A few moments later she returns with this stuffed aye aye that whistles when you press his/her tummy. I haven’t seen this stuffed aye aye in at least a year.

Here you go daddy, you can sleep with this… And when you look at it, you can think of me and mommy today. Maybe that will help you feel better?

I heart this girl! I definitely don’t have to worry about her throwing me up in a nursing home and forgetting about me!