Archive for January 3, 2012

Its birthday party planning time, and we’re trying to figure out what type of party Nariah wants.
Date…        Check
Guest list… Check
Location…  Check
Theme…    Kinda check
Food…       Now here’s where it gets interesting.

Are we gonna have pizza?
Yeah, I was thinking we’d use that papa johns nearby, they have great party deals
Oh…..” she replies with a somewhat sad face.
Why… did you not want pizza?
No, we always have pizza. I want something different
Oh… Well… Ummm…. Ok….. Well what were you thinking of?
This huuuuuge grin forms on her face… “How about…… grilled turkey!

As I laugh and think to myself “what in the world”, I stop laughing because as I look at her, she is serious. She is staring back at me patiently waiting for me to stop laughing. I glance over at Toya who shares my perplexed look.
Daddy, it is sooooo good, you can grill it, then slice it up and bring it to the party!

I think I’ve set the bar high on this child’s culinary appetite with this bacon weave grilled turkey. She will probably ask for my grilled lobster tails when she starts having sleepovers.