Nariah says… #62

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah

I learned tonight that I can’t get over with spur of the moment comedy with Nariah anymore. She can definitely hold her own with her wit and I have to now step up my game.

I walk into our bedroom to see Toya changing Toryn’s diaper on our bed with Nariah looking on intently. It’s a big ol’ poopie diaper with a multitude of colors in a nice claylike lump.

Look daddy! Toryn pooped! Wanna smell it?
Ummm… Sure… Mmmmm, this smells great! Did you eat some already?
Nariah : **Blank stare**
What? I’m thinking add some cereal to this, maybe a little milk, not too much…
..sigh… No daddy… But… I can make you a burrito!

Nariah proceeds to wrap up the poopie diaper just like a Chipotle burrito and hands it to me.
Here you go daddy! Your turn to throw this away!

She’s not supposed to be leaving me speechless, its supposed to be the other way around!

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