Nariah says… #65

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Comedy, Family, Nariah
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As I’m sure any of you with kids know, at some point in the day, you’re going to ask your child how their day at school was. This conversation happened between Toya and Nariah. I will do my best to give the best visual description of the motions you are about to read about, but sometimes, I think the only way to capture everything in this household is to go fully live like the Truman Show.

Mommy, ‘M’ said something to me today that I didn’t like
She did? What happened baby?
Well she was playing with my braids and she said she was gonna do my hair.
Oh you let her play in your hair?
Yeah, she was being a hairdresser. She said that my braids weren’t done right and that she needed to take them out to fix them
What did you say?
I just said ‘No thank you’. I didn’t say what I wanted to say though because I didn’t want the teachers to hear me and I get in trouble
Wow Nariah, you were going to say something bad?
Nariah begins the “neck” motion (I know everyone knows the “neck” motion) and rolls her eyes : “Mommy, what I wanted to say was ‘It’s not wrong, cuz that’s how my MAMA do it!

After my series of laughter, I try to think about the situation. Am I liking the fact that she has the mindset to stick up for herself or am I liking the fact that she actually thought about the repercussions and took the high road as a better option?

(I voted to let her know that I didn’t think she would get in trouble for saying what she wanted to say this go around)

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