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Part 1:

It was a dark and stormy night…
Ok, so it really wasn’t, but it was a windy freezing weird kinda snowy day. Just perfect for a winter pool party in a 90 degree indoor pool for Nariah’s birthday. After being a zombie water monster to 25 kids and winding down at home going through the presents, I was exhausted.
I look to Nariah as she gleefully goes through the gifts.
Baby… after today, we may not have another party till you’re 10-15 years old or something…
Daddy…“, Nariah pauses, looks up at me from her gift, rolls her eyes, shakes her head and walks over to get another gift, “You’re such a cutie sometimes“.
Toya proceeds to bust out laughing.  Hmph.

Part 2:

We’re sitting at the table eating dinner. Nariah doesn’t get to drink soda close to bedtime and I happened to have a Pepsi at the table with my dinner as leftover drinks from the birthday party today.  So… I accidently pooted. Nariah looks at me with the “ewwww” face. Then she slyly reaches across the table and grabs my soda. As she pulls it back to her, I give her the “And what do you think you’re doing?” look.
This child of ours said to me…
I’m thinking that if I take a couple of sips of this soda, it will probably make the smell of your poot go away“.

Now you know I couldn’t deny her the soda after that comeback. Man I am in trouble, this girl is good.