Nariah says… #68

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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For those of you that personally know Nariah, you know that she is a party starter and finisher. Whether its a fight party, game night, spades tournament, she wants to be in the mix, where all the action is.

We were invited to a Michael Jackson Wii party last night. Nariah is too excited and if I remember correctly, the only person that danced to all the songs. There were a couple of people who hadn’t jumped into the fray yet after quite a few songs and mentioned that they would partake if maybe there was an easier a slower song. Personally I’ve never played the slower songs on MJ Experience, even wished they had nixed the slow songs and given us more of the upbeat MJ hits. Who sets a Wii party off with “The Earth Song”?

“Heal the World” is the selected song. Nariah is up playing. After about a minute into the song, she says : “Ugh… This song just isn’t my style. This is too slow for me!

Fast forward about an hour into the night.

We brought Just Dance 2 with us just in case anybody wanted to play. As the host puts the game in, Nariah asks “Can we do the wiggety wack brothers?
The who? What song is that?
The two guys, they are brothers
People are looking at me for resolution, and I’m actually stumped myself.
One of the other guest mentions in a side conversation that I overhear: “I’ve only played this game once, and they have this song, where all you do is jump. I’m serious, all you do is jump the whole song.
I immediately bust out laughing as it hits me. (Of course looking crazy at the time)
Nariah, (chuckle), you mean Kriss Kross? The wiggety wiggety wiggety wiggety wack song? Jump?
Yeah daddy! That’s it!

Context clues… I tell ya!

The sign on the door...


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