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Nariah at the office

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Family, Nariah

Never written a blog from another person’s perspective, I think I’m going to bend the rules a little bit for my first time. Nariah spent the latter part of the day Friday with Toya at work. Yesterday (Monday) Toya sent me an email on what she found at work. Here’s the email, copied and pasted like the champion blogger that I am. ;o)

When Nariah came to my office on Friday she loved writing in one of my notebooks with my highlighter markers – mostly the pink one though. She wrote on several pages and then ripped them out and had a field day with my stapler.

I looked at the pages today and here’s what they said:
I love my mom
I love my dad
I love Toryn
My family rocks

She had asked me how to spell “rocks” but I didn’t know what she was writing. She wrote these sentences on a couple of sheets each.

When we got ready to leave, she asked me how to spell “gone”. Then she wrote – “NaToya and Nariah are gone” – on the white board/door. She said she had to write it so people would know that we weren’t here.

She is awesome!

Nariah loves The Food Network, and she is always trying to mimic Chopped and Cupcake Wars with Toya. After getting back from traveling for work I promised her I’d make some cupcakes with her before my next trip, but we had to do whatever flavor she came up with.

I want to make red velvet cupcakes daddy
Well you know… they have chocolate in them right?
Yes, I know daddy, but we can make them without chocolate right? I want make it crunchy and then chewy on the inside and then……………. with some mint!
Crunchy, chewy, minty?  That’s…. interesting…..
We can put caramel or something in the middle for a surprise!
What about these Wether’s Original Chewy candies?
Oooh, yeah daddy! And we can put some mint in the icing!

Now, I had really planned to make the velvets from scratch, and substitute something funky for the cocoa. While in Trader Joe’s, I saw Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla cake mix. “Oh my!” I said to self. Yep, I found our “base” for the red velvet cupcakes.

In case you can’t make out the ingredients in Nariah’s video below, (she wanted to tape it like we were on cupcake wars with baby brother and mommy being the judges) they are :

1 stick of butter/margarine melted
1 cup of milk
2 eggs
some vanilla
1 package of Trader Joe’s Madagascar Vanilla cake mix
1 teaspn (or more to your liking) red food coloring drops
Werther’s Original Chewy or other caramel cut into 1cm sized cubes.
(After this initial trial, I would suggest for the future to put the caramels inside it midway through cooking)

And yes… these cupcakes were off the hook!


A friend of mine was in town and wanted to meet up for dinner. Since it was during the week I decide to go somewhere family friendly and take the kids. Finally the food arrives and my daughter Blair wants to show my friend how we bless the food. Their dialogue went like this:

God our Father (repeat), once again (repeat), we bow our heads to thank you (repeat), Amen (repeat)
Now you say it.
That was nice! wait, I have to say it? But you just said it.
Yes…. and now you have to say it.
But I thought you said it for me?
No, everybody has to say it.
Ooooooooh, so you didn’t say grace for the whole table, I see.
Blair now has this serious, but perplexed look on her face.
What did you say Grace for? Who’s Grace? I don’t know anyone here named Grace.

Now we are hysterically laughing for at least 90 seconds, and the whole time, Blair is sitting there with this “For real… when are you guys gonna tell me who Grace is?” look on her face.
I was finally able to eventually gather myself and explain that some people say “grace” instead of “prayers”.

Nariah says… #71

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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I walked in my bedroom the other night to find the kiddies laying on my bed. So I figure “Playtime!”. Natural response for a father seeing the little ones on the bed right?
Ummm, you might not wanna play too much, Toryn has a poopie diaper, I think its a lot too. Just letting you know so it doesn’t ooze up the back, haha
Yeah, that’s Toya’s way of saying “I’m outta here!”Your turn!“.

That’s cool, poopie diapers don’t scare me. And besides, I have my #1 helper, Nariah, by my side.
Rip, Rip… 2 tabs undone. Almost into the diaper now.  Time to open up and see the damage.
So you can understand my exclamation, I will paint the picture for you.
There is poop EVERYWHERE! I mean in any and every crevice. And by that I mean I believe some of the poop made crevices of its own, and then put more poop inside those poop crevices. And Toryn is just a giggling and kicking and getting his feet into the poop. Oh man, it was a poopastrophe.

Great Day!!!” (Yes I know that sounds country southern, but that is what came out my mouth. Pronounced like “greeeeate deigh”) “Toryn! You…..You have poop everywhere! Noooooo, don’t kick, nooooooo, not the toes! Toryn! You even have poop in your privates!

Nariah peers over. She looks at Toryn. She looks at the poop. Then she looks at me with this perplexed look.
Daddy? Can I ask you something?
Yeah baby.
Why do you say privates like that?
Like what?
Privates, with an ‘S’? You say it like he has a whole bunch of privates all over the place or something.

I will say this, it is hard to laugh when you have an open poopie diaper and not get any on yourself, the bed, and/or the parts of the baby that normally don’t come in contact with poop.

Nariah on “Family”

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Family, Nariah

My Aunt Mary passed away this past Wednesday evening. Actually she’s my Great Aunt, but never really considered it as actually being an “extended” Aunt, she was my Aunt Mary, the special aunt who let us eat ice cream when we came to visit, spoiling our dinner at grandmas. What has been helpful in times of mourning is actually remembering and reliving all the great memories.

I remember when I was a young always having the one dreadful feeling from when you knew you were going to be around extended family. All of the “He’s sooooo cute!”, “Look at his fat cheeks, I just want to pinch them!”, and “Come here and give (insert family member name here) a hug and a kiss” experiences may have indeed been a negligible portion of time in any given visit, but to a child, they can seem like eternity.

As a parent, I’ve always wondered what it would look like to view this experience from a different angle. So far I haven’t really been able to view my experiences in Nariah as it seems she just loves anything that has to do with family. In talking with my parents that night after hearing the news of my Aunt, they shared with me a story and picture that I was previously unaware of.

This past Thanksgiving was at my parents house and a few of our extended family members were there; including Aunt Mary. After much of the day had passed, Nariah asked “Why does everyone keep calling her Aunt Mary???
Toya replies “Well… because she’s your Aunt Mary.
She’s my Aunt Mary?
And like an excited little kid who just found a new toy, she goes over to Aunt Mary and climbs on her lap. To her, she has just discovered a new treasure, another family member. Its actually pretty heartwarming to see her so excited to learn and discover about her family members outside of our household.

Even though this picture is blurry, the cross generational bonding warms my heart.
We love you Aunt Mary… Rest In Peace… and tell Uncle Garrette when you see him; “If they don’t get you on the popcorn… they’ll get you on the peanuts

Nariah says… #70

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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Toya and Nariah are sitting together talking about school.
Mommy… ‘john doe’ has a crush on me
What? Nariah, what makes you say that?
Well, he told me that he has a crush on me
He did?
Yeah. Mommy, why do boys have a crush on me?
Well Nariah, you’re smart, cute, and very funny. Lots of reasons for boys to like you
Well after he said it, I did think to myself, ‘Hmmm, a lot of the boys have a crush on me. They might not wanna say it, but I know they do‘”