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A friend of mine was in town and wanted to meet up for dinner. Since it was during the week I decide to go somewhere family friendly and take the kids. Finally the food arrives and my daughter Blair wants to show my friend how we bless the food. Their dialogue went like this:

God our Father (repeat), once again (repeat), we bow our heads to thank you (repeat), Amen (repeat)
Now you say it.
That was nice! wait, I have to say it? But you just said it.
Yes…. and now you have to say it.
But I thought you said it for me?
No, everybody has to say it.
Ooooooooh, so you didn’t say grace for the whole table, I see.
Blair now has this serious, but perplexed look on her face.
What did you say Grace for? Who’s Grace? I don’t know anyone here named Grace.

Now we are hysterically laughing for at least 90 seconds, and the whole time, Blair is sitting there with this “For real… when are you guys gonna tell me who Grace is?” look on her face.
I was finally able to eventually gather myself and explain that some people say “grace” instead of “prayers”.