Nariah says… #73

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah

Nariah is on spring break. I’m working from home in the AM and then taking off the afternoon to hang out with her.  As we head out to lunch and to the park, I notice its a bit chilly outside. I pick out a sweat suit outfit for her to wear since we’ll be playing outside.
Daddy…. I don’t like wearing these! I get hot in them
Baby, its colder outside today than it has been, you will be ok, you won’t get all sweaty
Ugghhhh, oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaay

So we head to Cici’s pizza and then to this big adventure land park afterwards. The sun has come out a little bit and it is now approaching the upper 50s. Out of the blue, Nariah runs up to me from the giant castle :

Daddy daddy….*huff huff*…. Look at this…. See…. I’m sweating!  And you promised me I wouldn’t sweat today… I tried to tell you!

And then she runs off, not even skipping a beat, to play on the next piece of playground equipment.

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