Nariah says… #75

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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This one probably could be an “Nariah does…” posting.
During spring break, Nariah came home with some candy filled Easter eggs from school that she decided to wait until the Easter bunny came before opening them up. When its time to open them, they have these candy eggs (about twice the size of jelly beans) in them, of assorted colors. She grabs one and excitedly gets ready to bite into it.
Wait a second… Daddy, do you think these have chocolate inside them?
Hmmm, good question, they do look like jelly beans, but you never know
Ok, here daddy, bite it!
Oh yeah, mommy can eat chocolate, lets get her to bite it

So mommy bites it and sure enough its a peanut, covered in chocolate, covered with a candy coating.
Awwww man… why does it have to be ¬†chocolate?!?!

A few minutes later we notice Nariah out the corner of our eyes being very “busy” in the kitchen going back and forth from the bathroom holding something.
Nariah… what are you doing?
I’m getting it
Getting what?
Getting the peanut!
Nariah comes over to us with a dirty looking paper towel. She opens it up and it’s the wet peanut.

I thought I told you to throw it away? It has chocolate on it.
I know mommy, that’s why I was washing it off, Its clean now. Now I can eat it.

To be honest, I took a whole lot not to laugh uncontrollably in front of Nariah, especially after Toya looked at me with the “Is she serious?” look. Nariah was happy to get through that chocolate and get her peanut. I imagined in her mind she was saying “Oh, I waited 3 days to see what was in these eggs and they are gonna all be chocolate??? I am gonna eat something! Shooooooooot. Hmmmm, I bet if I use enough water and paper towels, I can get to that peanut!

I can definitely tell she’s my blood. Growing up in the 80s, there weren’t many non-chocolate candy bars. At the YMCA after school program I was in, they would give anyone who found a four leaf clover during “outside time” a candy bar. That candy bar was ALWAYS snickers. I was the king in finding four leaf clovers, but instead of letting the snickers go to waste, I would break them in half, and use my pinky or a fork to dig out what little caramel I could get, and eat it. It was like plucking honeysuckle flowers and getting that one teeny tiny little drop of “dew”. But I was happy, and so was Nariah.

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