Nariah says… #76

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Comedy, Family, Love, Nariah

Some of you may have heard Nariah and I were in a car accident this past Friday. We are ok, as I am here typing this blog. I’m suffering a bit of pain and going through PT, but by grace of God Nariah wasn’t injured. Instead of focusing on the frightening aspects of the accident, I wanted to share a lighter moment of the day which further solidifies how wonderful I think my daughter is.

I have just been transported to the examination room in the ER via ambulance. Toya had arrived at the scene and brought the family to meet me there. As we’re sitting in the room and the Dr is checking my spleen and other organs I may or may not have known I have for damages, Nariah is over to the side looking fearful and concerned as ever. Shortly, the Dr leaves to fill out the prescription info.

Nariah comes over to me. “Daddy… are you ok? I don’t want anything to happen to you
I’m going to be ok baby, I’ll be up in no time to chase you around the house ok?
Well, daddy…, you might want to get another Dr, or have her look at you some more.
Why’s that?
Look at your leg daddy, I think the accident made one of  your legs shorter than the other, they need to fix that or you’re gonna be walking funny. We need to tell the Dr when she comes back!

I laughed but then had to stop because it hurt my side to laugh. She definitely has my good intentions in mind! To make me feel better later on that evening, she dumped some strawberry applesauce into a tupperware bowl and brought that with a small box of nerds candy to my bed to help me feel better and read me 2 bedtime stories. Now I definitely have to make I get this leg straightened out!


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