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I’m washing my face at the sink when Jasmine asks:
J: “Why do you wash your face with soap?
T: “When you get older, your skin’s going to change, so you’ll have to start using facial cleansers.”
J: “My skin’s going to change? You mean like Michael Jackson’s?

Nariah and I were sitting on the couch watching TV yesterday. Toya was upstairs getting dressed. We were having a date night and Nariah and I were passing the time before the babysitter arrived.

Daddy, so do you think mommy’s going to look pretty?
I sure do
Are you going to tell her?
You know it
Do you think she’s going to look pretty AND sexy?

***time passes with awkward silence***

Umm daddy?
What do you mean Nariah?
You know, do you think she’s going to look sexy?
And she proceeds to give me this big grin and starts smiling in a manner that says “you know what I’m talking about

I just kept asking myself how again does a 5 year old know what sexy means? I know it came up before a couple of times along with the her coming home from school saying the boys were singing “Sexy and I know it”. I got away without answering the question until I got home. LOL

Nariah says… #77

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah

I’m sitting around with the kiddies, holding Toryn and watching Nariah play with his toys. Toryn is babbling away in his normal baby-like way.

Daddy… Toryn just said ‘Ese’, why did he say that?
I guess he’s just babbling away in his baby talk
Sounds to me like he’s going to be a Spanish speaking baby when he gets older

I just sat there, without a response. LOL