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We just had a family reunion this past weekend. During casual morning conversation, Nariah inquires about a couple of my uncles, and who they are related to. Toya proceeds to tell Nariah how my two uncles are my mom’s brothers, and how they are all her Great Grandma’s children.

Nariah looks up with a shocked expression and says : “Grandma Wells had kids?!?!

The innocence of kids, I tell ya.

Nariah says… #80

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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I received this picture below from a friend of mine. It took me a few minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor and figure out what in the world I was supposed to say in reaction to this. I ended up at the playground with Nariah after school. I decided to show her and get her take on this picture.

She looked at it… Tilted her head sideways… Looked at me…. Looked back at it…. Said “Ummm“….

So I tried to help her out. “What do you think?
I don’t understand what it is, is this his hair? How did he do that? Why did he do that?
Would you get that done to your hair?
Nariah looks extremely bothered, and then looks up at me confused, “Daddy, did he ask his parents permission?

On our last trip down to Florida visiting the in-laws, I was met with an interesting challenge. My Father-in-law caught this big ol red snapper the week prior and saved it for me so that he could see what his Son-in-law could do with it.

Never cooked a whole fish before. But I figured it would be as good a time as any to grill it. However due to the monsoons that drenched the panhandle that weekend, I had to resort to baking. Here’s what I came up with.

1 Red snapper, gutted but whole
1 Lemon, sliced and then halved
1 Pound of crab meat
1 Pound of jumbo shrimp peeled
4 chives (spring onions) chopped
Half sweet vidalia onion, chopped
Old bay seasoning
Tiger Sauce (awesome sauce, click the link to see more info)
Lemon juice
Olive Oil
Your favorite mixed seasoning salt. I don’t remember exactly what they had but it was some kinda of garlic pepper season salt

First saute the shrimp in the tiger sauce and sweet vidalia onions. Pay close attention to not cook the shrimp all the way. You only want to cook it half way. Stir constantly to keep from over cooking. After slightly pink, remove from pan and place in bowl.

Mix crab, old bay, garlic, chives, lemon juice, nutmeg (not too much), and sugar (I didn’t measure, but a few tablespoons, trust me, it sounds weird with crab, but nobody’s complained yet) in a large bowl. Start off light with seasoning and then add to taste. After well mixed, add shrimp and toss. This allows the shrimp to keep its “tigery” flavor while mixed with the crab.

Now for the fish. Cut 5 slices about an inch deep along the both sides of the fish. See pic in slideshow for location. Coat fish with olive oil. Using the mixed seasoning salt and garlic, rub the seasoning all into the slits and in the cavity of the fish. If you’re grilling, this will give you a nice tasty crust, man I can’t wait to try this on the grill. Rub a decent amount into the slits as it will permeate thru the fish while cooking. Next add the lemon slices to the slits and repeat on the other side. Add the crab/shrimp combo into the cavity, and loosely wrap with foil. If you’re grilling, use banana leaves or a cedar plank if you can find one big enough. Bake at 375 for about 20 mins. Check for doneness. I didn’t really know how long to cook it, I think we ended up broiling it at first for 10 mins and then baking it for 15 minutes. You can tell its done when you see the underside of the fish’s belly look nice and white, its the exposed meat from the side closest to the pan.

You should be able to cut it lengthwise around the spine and just pull the meat off in planks. and then when the top half of the meat is eaten, just grab the spin and pull upwards, the rest of the bones should come out letting you have free range with the meat underneath.  Enjoy!

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Nariah says… #79

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We are traveling via plane to Florida actually surprise Nariah with a trip to Disney World. We’ve kept this secret for about 2 months now and I tell you its been quite tough, so tough, we actually focused more on hiding it from her than on how we were actually going to tell her. We did decide that we should probably have the cameras ready when we first get to the airport just in case.

She knows we’re going to her grandparents and cousins in the pan-handle, which is indeed in Florida. Its that “Orlando” portion of this trip that’s gonna be hard to disguise. So we’re using it as a “layover connection”. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Nariah was awake when we landed and during the welcome to Orlando speech by the flight attendant, Nariah showed us some rationalization I wasn’t sure a 5 year old should have.

Orlando? We’re in Orlando? Disney World is in Orlando… Since we’re here, can we just stop by disney for a lil bit? I’m not begging or anything, but I’m just saying, since we’re here…

That was too much for us, but I couldn’t let the surprise to Disney go out like that, so I had to re-iterate that “connecting” flight until further notice. LOL