Nariah says… #107

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Comedy, Nariah
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So I’m sitting here with Nariah and we’re on my laptop looking up some pizza deals to order for dinner. Well on the yahoo front page, there’s the headline stating coach Jay Gruden is “done” with RG3.
Oh Nariah… look! Washington’s coach is done with RG3!
What does that mean?
Well it means he doesn’t want him on the team anymore, aint that something?
Oh… So now what is he gonna do?…..            Be a loser?

I had to laugh at that one. Its wrong, but as a cowboys fan, that is funny.

  1. Nariah and Family, I love reading your stories! Not sure if you remember me, but this is Sarah Byron from KIDS FIRST Swim Schools! I have moved to the new location in North Bethesda, but I miss you all so much! I hope Nariah and Toryn are still enjoying swimming and I hope you are enjoying the holiday season! Lots of love, Coach Sarah!


    • vrgoldman says:

      Hey coach Sarah! Of course we remember you! It’s definitely not the same in Germantown without you, we’ve almost wanted to complain. Nariah says “hi miss Sarah! Why did you have to leave us? ”

      Here’s our email so you can keep in touch with us.

      Do you ever work the weekends during family swim sessions? Maybe we can come to the Bethesda location one day?


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