About Me

Many of you know me as the crazy guy who will grill any and everything outside as well as cook any and everything inside.  I’m here to share my journeys with you. So pull up a seat, grab a drink, and indulge in stories of good eats, fatherhood, and family, all tinted with some laughs.

Born and raised in Durham, NC, the Bull city, also known as City of Medicine.  Even though I was shy in school (most people still don’t believe that), I learned to do magic, made the basketball team, and ended up becoming class clown.  Graduated from Hampton University in Electrical Engineering (where I won most school spirited and the guy who was the pirate mascot won class clown, go figure) and now working as a Hardware Engineer for Lockheed Martin in MD.

Met my wonderfully awesome wife Toya on February 19th, 2000 at a Hampton/Howard basketball game in DC and have been happily married since 2002.  She is the true definition of a “Help Meet”.  She is my rock, and my salvation and supports me in my endeavors as I support her in hers.  Since being with her, my definition of “The One” is not finding the person you can spend the rest of your life with, but finding the person you can’t spend your life without.

We have a never-ending ball of energy for a daughter who has her own segment in this blog as her wit and humor is too insane to not share with the world.  We hope the smiles she brings us can brighten your days as well.  We have a son on the way so we’re looking forward to the changes a coming.

Some of our life’s exploits are here :


  1. Alisha says:

    Love it cuzzo!! Can’t wait! 🙂


  2. vrgoldman says:

    Thanks! feel free for any criticism you guys can share!


  3. Tamara says:

    I just finished reading all the pages of your blog and I have to say you are truly an amazing guy. I love that someone my age, someone I actually know is living the life that so many of us desire, and not just living it, but enjoying it. I know first hand how difficult marriage can be and I don’t fool myself into believing that you and Toya have not had your fair share of problems but as an outsider looking in, I feel like you two have the perfect marriage simply because whatever issues you face, you’ve made the conscience decision to face them together and grow stronger because of them. It’s no secret that my biggest desire is to be a mother and that I am perfectly content with parenting alone but looking at your lives makes me not give up all hope that the “fantasy” could one day be a reality for me too.

    People often struggle with trying to figure out their purpose in life. I don’t know that you always know your purpose. I think sometimes your purpose falls into your lap without you ever knowing that you’re doing it. Of course I’m not God so I have know idea what your purpose is but I’m sure that my life is not the only one that you’ve inadvertenly affected just by sharing your world. So to you, Toya, Nariah and baby boy Goldman (for his future contribution), thank you for being you and sharing it with all of us. It really does make me happy to know that black love and the institution of marriage isn’t completely dead. And thank you for giving me hope. I’ve been very pessimistic about love since my divorce and the fact that you’ve made me change my opinion, well all I can say to that is “job well done” 🙂 I hope you and your family live happily ever after!


    • vrgoldman says:

      Wow, this is truly a touching compliment! I was initially speechless and I’m now writing this response like an hour later because I truly didn’t know how to respond. Its something that you mention that I touch so many people’s lives, because sometimes I post stuff on Facebook, and get just a few comments and think “oh ok, not too many people saw that one.” But every now and then I’ll get wall posting or msgs such as this one saying how some of the only bright spots in people’s days are looking at my page and getting their daily smile. So then I realize just because people don’t comment, doesn’t mean people aren’t affected. So I just keep on keeping on.
      I truly feel my purpose in life above anything else is making people smile. Whether from being silly, food, sharing my life, etc… I get great joy out of that. I’m happy and I want everyone else to be happy. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me and being willing to try new things and just “live”.
      Thanks again for those encouraging words!!!
      I may have to make a page for “Ryan’s friends” on here to get your recipes too up here too!


  4. tanisha says:

    great site!


  5. tvmom says:

    great site! can’t wait to follow all of the adventures!


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    I hope you’ll join us!


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