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Kitchen Wars : Strawberry Banana Pancakes

Last night I didn’t know what to do for dinner and we didn’t take out any meat before work to have thawed out.  Light bulb! Never can go wrong with breakfast food right?  “Nariah… what do you think about breakfast food for dinner?
OK daddy! Can I help you make it?
Now why would you ask a silly question like that? Why would I say no? You are my lil chef!

OK, lets see, do you want pancakes or French Toast? I heard about this Cap’n Crunch French Toast, it sounds like it could be good.
Ummm, lets do the French Toast next time daddy, I want pancakes
OK, pancakes. Hashbrowns? Eggs?
Whooops, we’re out of bacon… Sausage instead?

OK, are we going normal or experimental? Do you feel like something new?
Ummmmm, how about strawberry banana pancakes?
Lets do it!

Nariah literally picks out everything from the fridge to make the pancakes. This child picked out an egg, the oil, the tablespoon, the measuring cup and the milk and would not let me help. “Its OK daddy, I know how much goes in it.
Here I am reading the steps on the box of pancake mix and she’s a step ahead of me, already mixing in the right ingredients. Next we chopped up 6 strawberries and half a banana and blended that.  Added some banana flavoring for good measure and she’s mixing it up. Nariah also cast me aside while she used the grater to shred the potatoes and then counted out the sausage links.

Fast forward to eating at the table. Mommy is home now and is oohing and aahing over how good everything is and how she didn’t expect to like the pancakes because she doesn’t really care for banana flavored foods that much. “These are really fluffy and moist!
Thanks mommy, we are the bomb cooks
No I’m the bomb cook daddy
Huh? I thought we were a team? We didn’t do this together?
*sigh*We did do some of it together, but all you did was the stuff on the stove, I did all the real cooking!

I guess she told you!

I’ve created a monster! LOL

Nothing unusual on our trip home from the day care this past Friday. I asked Nariah what did she want for dinner and after saying “You know what we haven’t had in a long time???? Breakfast food!“, I was sold on the idea. Then came the special request : “Can you grill breakfast food?
Can I grill breakfast food?
If you can grill breakfast food, then you can grill anything daddy!
I assure you baby, that I can grill breakfast food
You’re the best daddy ever!

Now I’ve never grilled breakfast food before, but I do remember maybe middle school or high school time frame staying at my paternal grandparents and the power went out (or “current went out” as they say in the county) and Papa grilled some eggs on aluminum foil. That’s the extent of my breakfast knowledge. Building on that, here’s how you can secure your super parent status with your child, or for yourself, the food was that good. Even Toya was skeptical when I told her what we were doing and made the “I don’t know about this one” face, but she loved it.

Scrambled eggs with fresh spinach, green peppers and orange peppers
Turkey bacon (the pork was frozen, didn’t feel like thawing out)
Maple sausage links
French Toast
Grilled home fries (strips)

Start grill and arrange hot coals for mostly direct heating. (Leave about 1/4th coal free to allow the potatoes to finish cooking with ease) 

Home fries:
2 large red new potatoes, halved lengthwise and then cut into strips (steak fry sized)
Toss strips in a bowl with olive oil and set aside

Scrambled eggs:
5 eggs mixed in a bowl
handful of diced green peppers
handful of diced orange peppers
2 large handfuls or more of fresh spinach leaves
1 tablespoon of butter
Garlic powder
Jane’s Krazy Salt (or salt and pepper)
2 slices of american cheese (or your favorite cheese) 

French toast:
6 slices of potato bread
2 eggs scrambled
About a cup of milk? (I didn’t measure, sorry, maybe it was in between that and 1/2 cup?)
4 shakes of nutmeg
3-4 tablespoons sugar
1-2 tablespoons of cinnamon
1/2 shot of Disaronno Amaretto 
Mix ingredients except bread and set aside. 


Brush hot grates with olive oil soaked in a paper towel. Set a large cast iron skillet on grill to pre-heat. Lay potatoes across the coals and shake garlic powder and salt/pepper over them. They will burn fast so keep and eye out on them. When they brown to your liking, flip, season, and brown some more to your liking and then move to the “coal free” zone of the grill. Fold bacon into a ribbon (see pics) and place over coals along with the sausage. As soon as the meat is done (flipping and turning) remove to a plate and get ready for the eggs and french toast, these cook the quickest.

Add butter to the skillet and in about 10 seconds add the peppers. Wait about 30-45 seconds and then add the spinach. Dip potato bread into french toast mixture, coating both sides, and then lay over hot coals. When the spinach cooks down a little, add garlic and salt/pepper and then stir frequently as the spinach reduces. Check french toast and flip when needed. After one round of french toast are completed, start another batch and then add the eggs to the skillet. Let it sit and sizzle for a good 10-15 seconds before stirring. After about 30 seconds add your cheese and continue stirring until your desired doneness is reached and season to taste in this last leg of stirring. Remove eggs and remaining french toast to plate.

Check doneness of the potatoes and remove or continue to cook to your liking. The thinner ones will cook faster.

Serve and enjoy.
You can also grill pineapple rings sprinkled with brown sugar (we were out, so I couldn’t show you this go around)

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