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I know it has been a loooooooong time since I’ve posted to this blog. Things have been pretty busy in the life of an autism parent. I’m striving to do better and get back into blogging… so without further ado, Toryn made me laugh tonight.

We’re sitting on the couch watching tv, just us fellas. Toryn wants something to eat and he pulls me to the pantry. I list off several items until he stops me when I say peaches.
Cool! We’re gonna eat some peaches… We’re gonna eat some peaches!“. I take him back to the living room and start doing the food vehicle sounds for him while I feed him.

Car? Ambulance? Fire Truck? Motor cycle?

Fire Truck

Ok firetruck… annnnnggggghhhhhhh, whoooooooooooweeewooooooooweeeewoooooooo“. He smiles as I bring the spoon closer and he eats it.  I proceed to do this with a boat, helicopter and airplane before I decide to try something new… animals.

What does a duck say?
Quack quack
Yup.. here you go! Quack quack quack….” and he eats the peaches.
I do this for a dog, and then a cat, as Toryn gives me the correct answers each time.
Next stop, cow. “How about a cow Toryn? What do they say?
For some reason I decided to remix the cow sounds like I was a dj or something. “Moooooooo ma-moo-moo-moooooooo ma-ma-ma-ma-moooooo!

Toryn gave me this look like “Dude? Really? You know goodness well there is not one cow that sounds like that… Stop it… Just stop it daddy… The game is over… I don’t even want to play anymore…Just give me my peaches“. I felt like he said all of that mentally because he stared at me for a good 10 seconds. I ended up busting out laughing at him, but he was dead serious in pointing out to me that I clearly messed up the cow sound. LOL.

toryn couch

Its been suggested by numerous people that I document our son Toryn’s many faces. Some of the faces he has made over the years have been true “caption me” moments. So as my spinoff to “Nariah Says…” (which I need to add to as it’s been awhile), I introduce “The Faces of Toryn…” .

The most famous face that started it all. At his 3 month photo shoot, Toryn had already perfected the one eyebrow raise. Kinda had the plotting to take over the world look which was confirmed by his maniacal laughter that followed. This boy can make faces!

Plotting something very sinister

Plotting something very sinister

The sinister laugh

The sinister laugh

Toryn says… #2

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Comedy, Toryn

We’re sitting at dinner, feeding Toryn in the high chair and he’s eating pretty good. After awhile I give him his water bottle to quench his thirst. He plays around with it, drinks some, plays some more, drinks some more, and then drops the bottle. Now this bottle travels all the way down to the floor, unobstructed, and lands directly on the big joint at the base of my big toe. Right where I had bunion surgery years ago. OMG. Talk about pain! I believe I said “AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” for a good sustained 8 seconds. The whole time Toya turned from the kitched to see what was wrong as she heard the mishap. I look at Toryn to check and make sure he wasn’t too startled by my outcry. This child is just staring at me like I have 3 heads or something. He then puts his forefinger in his mouth, smiles, and says “Uh oh!

I couldn’t help but to laugh, which was Toya’s queue to laugh as well to fit in with the “check if a person is alright before you start laughing” code of ethics. LOL

Toryn says… #1

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Comedy, Toryn

Ah bah bah ba ba bah bah!