What can I say about fatherhood?  I can say that after reading Bill Cosby’s “Fatherhood”, I feel that book cannot possibly be fiction.  I have never experienced humor in this shape or form.  Its almost as if you want cameras rolling 24/7 to capture everything, but after seeing “The Truman Show”, I know better.

There are different kinds of love, even true loves. There’s the love for your parents. That love for you spouse, that makes you say “I do” for the rest of your life.  Then there’s this thing called having a baby.  I can’t explain this form of true love except to say it may be the most humbling forms in my opinion.  No matter what your child may do to make you angry, whether its making a mess on new carpet, stopping up the toilet 9 times in a row “because it looks funny”, or whatever makes you proclaim to God, “why have you forsaken me??? what have I done??? or not done????”.  All of this goes out the window that moment, out of the blue, your son or daughter, interrupts you and says… “Daddy…. I love you” and then they walk away, back to whatever they were doing.

We were getting ready for bed a few nights ago and I felt what has to be one of the many great feelings of being a “Father”, (as opposed to being a parent/dad). It was cold upstairs and Nariah is putting on her PJs after taking a bath.  I told her to go stand in front of space heater for a second and I ironed her PJs for her. “Mmmmmmm, nice and toasty!! Thanks Daddy”.  Its amazing how a simple gesture taking less than five minutes out your routine can have such a heartwarming effect.

  1. Aesha Johnson says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Everytime Daniyah does something that makes me question why I carried her for 8 long months (yes, I said 8) and got cut open and had all that gas pain (C-sections do that to you), she says or does something ridiculously cute or smart (or what we as parents think is smart) that makes it all worth the pain. Gotta love em!


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