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Nariah says… #63

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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The girls are downstairs eating cereal for breakfast. Nariah has a bowl of Fruit Loops.
Out of the blue, Nariah says : “Mommy… I’m so smart… Let me tell you something

What Nariah?

I’m so smart I know what Fruit Loops really are. These are nothing but cheerios with some food coloring, sugar and frosting on them!
They can’t trick me!

Now this cake isn’t supposed to “look” good, it was made as a joke for a friends bday who’s getting “old”, lol. but it tastes yummy! I’m not putting the whole recipe, you guys can follow the back of the cake box I’m sure, I’ll just add the “tweakings”.

Use your favorite White cake mix

Additional items:
Disaronno Amaretto
NaVan (vanilla flavored grand marnier)
black food coloring
one box Jello instant pudding (i used french vanilla, try whichever flavor you like, this make the cake moist)
your favorite icing

Follow instructions on box of cake. Before pouring mix in bundt pan, add box of instant pudding, a “shot” of amaretto, and a few drops of the black food coloring to get it to the grey coloring you like. blend again until smooth and grey. Bake as instructed on the box.
After removing from the bundt pan and cooled, use fork to carefully poke holes in the top and pour NaVan over top, let sit lightly covered, and pour again after a few hours. Depending on how “Old” you want it, keep the process going. (I did it twice on my first stab at this)

For icing, add the food coloring a little at a time and stir to get the desired grey look. I left the cake in the microwave overnight uncovered to allow it to soak up and “un-sog” itself before adding the icing.