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We’re standing outside of the dining hall at a wedding during cocktail hour, waiting to be seated. As we’re killing time, Nariah says out of the blue, “I wish Unca CJ was here“.
Unca CJ? Why you say that?
He’s fun and would get the party started.
Ohhh, you want unca CJ because he dances and stuff?
What about daddy? You already know I get my dance on. Can Unca CJ do this?
I proceed to do a number of different routines in front of her, in the narrow space, full of people. There is obvious some sort of slight embarrassment going on between both Toya and Nariah at this point.
As I break into my 3rd different dance, saying “Well what about this? Can he do this? Huh? Can he?“, Nariah cuts me off. She points at me with this semi “shaking my head” look mixed with a little of “you’re so not cool daddy” look and says : “Daddy???? Stop….. This is not a competition…..

Toya busts out laughing at my expense of course while Nariah goes back to eating her hors d’oeuvres with a face that kinda looks like it’s saying “finally!”

I laughed a little but on the inside I was saying “Fine! Go and get your Unca CJ then, hmph“. It was indeed funny, but I couldn’t laugh too much since she’s played me. LOL.

Nariah says… #71

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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I walked in my bedroom the other night to find the kiddies laying on my bed. So I figure “Playtime!”. Natural response for a father seeing the little ones on the bed right?
Ummm, you might not wanna play too much, Toryn has a poopie diaper, I think its a lot too. Just letting you know so it doesn’t ooze up the back, haha
Yeah, that’s Toya’s way of saying “I’m outta here!”Your turn!“.

That’s cool, poopie diapers don’t scare me. And besides, I have my #1 helper, Nariah, by my side.
Rip, Rip… 2 tabs undone. Almost into the diaper now.  Time to open up and see the damage.
So you can understand my exclamation, I will paint the picture for you.
There is poop EVERYWHERE! I mean in any and every crevice. And by that I mean I believe some of the poop made crevices of its own, and then put more poop inside those poop crevices. And Toryn is just a giggling and kicking and getting his feet into the poop. Oh man, it was a poopastrophe.

Great Day!!!” (Yes I know that sounds country southern, but that is what came out my mouth. Pronounced like “greeeeate deigh”) “Toryn! You…..You have poop everywhere! Noooooo, don’t kick, nooooooo, not the toes! Toryn! You even have poop in your privates!

Nariah peers over. She looks at Toryn. She looks at the poop. Then she looks at me with this perplexed look.
Daddy? Can I ask you something?
Yeah baby.
Why do you say privates like that?
Like what?
Privates, with an ‘S’? You say it like he has a whole bunch of privates all over the place or something.

I will say this, it is hard to laugh when you have an open poopie diaper and not get any on yourself, the bed, and/or the parts of the baby that normally don’t come in contact with poop.