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On Tuesdays, I play basketball and I take Nariah with me until Toya picks her up. Now that we’ve switched to school from daycare, the pickup arrangements have changed. The school is right by the house so it actually just makes sense to pick her up and then go home and change and then head to basketball instead of coming with all my clothes like I used to.

The first time trying this new method, Nariah asked me to get her hula hoop and jump rope. Nothing wrong there, but I failed to mention I was changing my clothes. Nariah wanted to stay in the outside while I went outside to “get her stuff”. When I came back outside : “What happened to your clothes? Why did you change
Oh I changed so I wouldn’t have to change at the gym, this would be faster
Ooooooh…… OK……

Fast forward a week to yesterday. I pick Nariah up from school and as we walk back to the car, I remind her that its basketball day. She’s a little excited and she asks are we going home first.
Daddy, are you going to change clothes again?
Not this time baby, We’re running a little behind today
OK good!
Why do you say that?!?
You took FOREVER last time. I thought you had died or something!

Now I know death isn’t funny. But I couldn’t help but laughing at this one. The innocence of kids these days.