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We’re sitting at the dinner table on Christmas day. Somehow the subject came up about Ledo Pizza. I mentioned “Man… Mommy and I do not like Ledo’s! But it seems everybody in MD loves them for some reason!
My mom asks, “What’s wrong with Ledo’s?
Well, I think its just not good, that’s all. I mean, they only give you one pepperoni per slice of pizza, and its like a pepperoni cup, filled with grease, lol
Eewww daddy!
I mean, the last time I was there, I didn’t even get pizza, I got lasagna… And they served it to me in a bowl!
Toya looks up from her plate; “A bowl? come on now Ryan…
I’m serious! It was in a bowl, and it looked like soup, there was a layer of grease sitting on top of it. I literally soaked the top of the lasagna bowl up with some napkins… Hmmm, does that make me bourgeois bougie?” (I know “bourgeois” is the right spelling, but “bougie” just looks and flows better)
Toya contemplates; “Uhhhhh
And then Nariah chimes in; “No daddy, that doesn’t make you bougie!
It doesn’t? Why thank you Nariah!
It makes you particular!

Now the whole table is laughing at me. I think even Toryn was laughing too. And the whole time Nariah has this look that said “That was good wasn’t it daddy? Come on… give me some credit!


On my way to the grocery store I asked Nariah what she wanted for dinner.
Pizza!!” she replied.
Hmmm, pizza.  Never grilled a pizza before, “Want to try to grill one ourselves?
And we’re off to the store to pick out our ingredients for this homemade pizza.

2 ready to cook pizza crusts (we used thin ones, they cooked too fast for me, I will be looking for some thicker crust next go around)
Flavored Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Garlic powder
Tomato Sauce (Nariah wanted to use Prego traditional for this dish)
Ground beef
Mozzarella cheese
Pineapple tidbits
A pizza stone

First things first, fire up the grill with about 20 charcoal briquettes. With about 1 tablespoon olive oil, brush pizza stone top and place on grates to pre-heat stone.

Prepare your favorite salad dish to eat and garner enough energy to create your pizza masterpiece.

Brown ground beef rolled into little balls.

After draining grease in a strainer, return beef to pan and season with garlic powder and salt. Continue to cook on low for about 3-5 more minutes.

With your favorite dipping oil, brush the crust lightly. We used red pepper olive oil.

Add garlic powder.

Add salt.

Spread your tomato sauce on.

Add cheese

Add toppings (she wanted just pepperoni and cheese)

And we’re ready to give pizza to “grillmaster daddy” for the next phase.

Place pizza on pizza stone in the middle, cover grill and cook about 5-7 minutes.

The cheese will continue to melt when you remove pizza from the grill, so you don’t have to wait until its melted completely. The thinner the crust, the quicker it burns.

Move pizza to cutting board and slice.

Mommy and Daddy’s pizza had cracked peppercorn added to the crust.

The hamburger was added along with pineapples for toppings.

Cooking on the pizza stone.

And we’re ready to eat! Outside of the crust being a little too crispy for me, the pizza was great! (I really don’t like thin crust pizza!)