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2 part dish


Vanilla Lobster

2 fresh lobster tails, shelled, and cut into lil chunks
one sprig, or twig or whatever you call it of vanilla bean cut into 1 inch pieces (not extract, the real bean)
olive oil
fresh diced chives (or green onions, or spring onions, depending on where you’re from)
old bay seasoning

Coat medium sized pan in olive oil, on med/hi heat, add chives and vanilla and after a minute, add lobster meat and stir continuously. As you’re tossing the lobster meat you’ll see the specks of black over the lobster, these are the vanilla bean “seeds”. Once the lobster gets a lil opaque (maybe 5 minutes), add a light dusting of old bay, just to give some kick. You don’t want to over power the vanilla.


10 Large Fresh Scallops cut in half
5 pieces of peppercorn bacon cut in half
20 toothpicks

5 Way Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Simple recipe, 5 different flavors. I’ll show the main setup and then the different flavors afterwards. This can also be grilled (I know you’re shocked its not grilled this time)

Pre-Heat broiler. After flavoring the large scallops (see below) roll in bacon and then hold in place with toothpick. place in middle rack under broiler for 6 mins, turn and broil for six minutes on a broiler tray.
If bacon isn’t done, cook for a lil bit longer.

a. marinate/toss scallops in olive oil, vanilla extract, chives, pepper

b. marinate/toss scallops olive oil, honey, old bay seasoning

c. soak scallops in naVan, then roll with cane sugar (i used sugar in the raw)

d. soak scallops in Malibu coconut rum, then roll with lime-pepper seasoning

e. soak scallops butterscotch schnapps, then roll with seasalt

From left to right:
olive oil / vanilla / chives
olive oil / honey / old bay
naVan / cane sugar
Malibu / lime-pepper
Butterscotch Schnapps/ sea salt

Its superbowl time, and my fellow chef Michele and I ready to tackle this new pizza that my coworker Sara found in her travels through the outer banks of NC (OBX).  This is a white sauced pizza (be’chamel sauce) with crab, bacon and corn.  For the sake of integrity without purpose of slander, I will keep the recipe in tune with the events which occurred during this creation.

Ingredients, (for three 8″ pizzas) :
2 1/2 cups milk
4 Tbsp butter
4 Tbsp flour
1 lb of crabmeat (I used backfin for this take)
Old Bay seasoning
A small bowl of melted butter with brush
pepper (cracked peppercorn pepper preferred but not necessary)
Corn (fresh cut, frozen, or canned)
16 oz mozzeralla cheese
Garlic powder
8-12 slices of bacon (brown sugar or maple preferred)
3 8″ Boli pizza crusts (or your fav brand or homemade)

Preheat oven to 450

The plan for this pizza was for Michele to do the be’chamel sauce, and I cover the rest. In my rush to the superbowl party, i did forget my pizza stone to cook the pizza on, as well as my corn.  So now we’re waiting on Michele to bring the corn and sauce.  However to means beyond her control with another baking order, she’s running late, and people are getting restless at the superbowl party for food.  Grabbing the nearest available soon-to-be-helper, we get started on this be’chamel sauce. First things first, cook the bacon, chop into half inch pieces, and drain.

Drain your crab meat and mix in a few Tbsp sugar and Old Bay to taste.  For extra credit you can cut up some chives and add here. Refrigerate Crab until ready to use.

In a sauce pan, heat the milk to just below scalding, (when you get that film on top of the milk).  While the milk is heating up, melt the butter and add flour to melted butter and cook, stirring constantly for about 2 minutes without letting it brown.  Add the milk, continue to stir, and bring to a boil as it thickens.  Lower heat and add pepper, garlic, and Old Bay.  I didn’t measure the Old Bay, just kind of shook it until it looked good. Continue stirring and remove from heat.

Brush pizza crusts with melted butter and sprinkle garlic powder to taste over the crust.
Spread be’chamel sauce evenly.
Add crab
Add bacon.  “IF”  you have corn at this time, add it here as well.  We didn’t.  :o(
(We still love you Michele! I still take some of the blame for leaving corn at my house)
Add your cheese, (the cheese in the pics is a little excessive, but all part of the learning process of making your first pizza)

Bake for 8-10 mins and enjoy!  Note a pizza stone would be awesome to use here!

Oh wait!  We have some corn now!  Made it in time for the last pizza!