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Halloween was last night, and of course I was in character trying to speak like Thor while our family went trick or treating. It was getting late and Nariah and her girlfriends from school were hesitating on which way to continue their journey. I told them, “Fair maidens! We must quicken haste with thy decision before Hera comes at thee!

Nariah was not amused.

Daddy, Hera is not Norse….

Me: blink blink… Blank stare…. Blink blink….

What could I say? I totally meant Hela… And yes, I know the difference between the Greek Hera and the Norse Hela. But at that moment… I felt really dumb.

Why is she so smart? She didn’t have to call me out in front of everybody! Lol

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Nariah says… #70

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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Toya and Nariah are sitting together talking about school.
Mommy… ‘john doe’ has a crush on me
What? Nariah, what makes you say that?
Well, he told me that he has a crush on me
He did?
Yeah. Mommy, why do boys have a crush on me?
Well Nariah, you’re smart, cute, and very funny. Lots of reasons for boys to like you
Well after he said it, I did think to myself, ‘Hmmm, a lot of the boys have a crush on me. They might not wanna say it, but I know they do‘”