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Last night’s conversation let me know I’m due for a long and expensive parenthood…

Its bedtime and the girls call me into Nariah’s bedroom for prayers. Toryn is getting over a cold and is on the last leg of his meds. I walk into the room and before I can get all they way in, Nariah stops me with a question.

Daddy, can you go down stairs and get Toryn’s medicine for Mommy? Its in the fridge.
Oh ok, in the fridge huh?
Yep, in the door. Thanks Daddy!

Now this is the conversation that takes place while I’m downstairs looking for the medicine :

Thanks for asking Daddy for me Nariah, I was going to go get it, but thanks!
You’re welcome, Daddy’s nice.
You really like asking Daddy to do things for you don’t you?
Yep! He always says yes to me!
Oh he does? You sure?
Yep! Oooooh, I know! When he comes back upstairs, I’m going to ask him can we go to Disney this year!
Disney Nariah? We just went this summer baby.
Hmmm, you’re right… I guess we should wait til Toryn’s a little bit older… How about….. when he’s 4? Then I’ll be 8… yeah!
Hahahah if you say so Nariah.
Yep, he’s gonna take us!

I return back upstairs with the medicine and walk into the room.
OK, here you go, everybody ready for prayers?
Yeah Daddy. I have a quick question tho……

We just had a family reunion this past weekend. During casual morning conversation, Nariah inquires about a couple of my uncles, and who they are related to. Toya proceeds to tell Nariah how my two uncles are my mom’s brothers, and how they are all her Great Grandma’s children.

Nariah looks up with a shocked expression and says : “Grandma Wells had kids?!?!

The innocence of kids, I tell ya.

Its Thursday… first day of Nariah’s spring break from daycare (why is there spring break at daycare again?). She doesn’t have school til next Tuesday. After a nice funfilled day of Cici’s Pizza, the park, a Barbie mermaid movie, and ice cream, we’re starting to wind down.

Over the last couple of days or so, she’s had an convenient intermittent tummy ache.  Now when I say intermittent, I mean when fun things are going on, there’s no sign of tummy ache, but bedtime, or time to go to school, then the tummy ache is here. But since there was a stomach bug going around daycare you try to err on the side of caution.

So after dinner, she has another occurrence, which seemed to have a little bit of validity to it since she wanted to eat a snack of cheese and crackers but was frustrated that she couldn’t because of her discomfort. We try to get the symptoms diagnosed and I come up with maybe that it might just be gas, since its “moving” around. I give her some warm ginger ale and say lets go try the BPPs. What is a BPP you ask? Burp, Poot, Poop.

As she walks out the room with this pitiful slothlike gait, she says something that reveals that she is either
A.)  Very very smart
B.)   Really sick and the tummy is talking, or
C.)   Is making Toya and I feel bamboozled and run amuck. Led astray even… Don’t know if we landed on Plymouth Rock, or if Plymouth Rock landed on us….

Oooowwwwww, man my tummy really hurts…. I don’t feel so well…. I don’t think I’ll be able to go to school on Tuesday….

(In case you were wondering, yes… this happened on Thursday, with 4 days to go until Tuesday shows up, LOL)

Nariah says… #71

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Comedy, Nariah
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I walked in my bedroom the other night to find the kiddies laying on my bed. So I figure “Playtime!”. Natural response for a father seeing the little ones on the bed right?
Ummm, you might not wanna play too much, Toryn has a poopie diaper, I think its a lot too. Just letting you know so it doesn’t ooze up the back, haha
Yeah, that’s Toya’s way of saying “I’m outta here!”Your turn!“.

That’s cool, poopie diapers don’t scare me. And besides, I have my #1 helper, Nariah, by my side.
Rip, Rip… 2 tabs undone. Almost into the diaper now.  Time to open up and see the damage.
So you can understand my exclamation, I will paint the picture for you.
There is poop EVERYWHERE! I mean in any and every crevice. And by that I mean I believe some of the poop made crevices of its own, and then put more poop inside those poop crevices. And Toryn is just a giggling and kicking and getting his feet into the poop. Oh man, it was a poopastrophe.

Great Day!!!” (Yes I know that sounds country southern, but that is what came out my mouth. Pronounced like “greeeeate deigh”) “Toryn! You…..You have poop everywhere! Noooooo, don’t kick, nooooooo, not the toes! Toryn! You even have poop in your privates!

Nariah peers over. She looks at Toryn. She looks at the poop. Then she looks at me with this perplexed look.
Daddy? Can I ask you something?
Yeah baby.
Why do you say privates like that?
Like what?
Privates, with an ‘S’? You say it like he has a whole bunch of privates all over the place or something.

I will say this, it is hard to laugh when you have an open poopie diaper and not get any on yourself, the bed, and/or the parts of the baby that normally don’t come in contact with poop.